Male Hormone Blood Test

A blood test to check testosterone and other male hormones.

Results in 1 day


What is this test?

Hormone tests are recommended for men in various situations to check for hormonal imbalances. These tests can help investigate symptoms such as fatigue, mood changes, reduced muscle mass, reduced hair growth or changes in sexual function that may indicate hormonal problems. Hormone tests are also used to investigate the hormonal causes of persistent erectile dysfunction or low libido.

For couples trying to conceive, hormone tests can be used to assess reproductive hormones such as testosterone. If you are taking hormone replacement therapy, regular hormone tests can help ensure you are getting the right dose. In addition, hormone tests can be used to identify underlying problems in young men who are having problems with pubertal development.

Is it for me ?

This blood test could be suitable if you are experiencing:

  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Increased body fat
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Loss of libido
  • Infertility

How long does it take?

The test turnaround is 1 day.

Type of sample

Blood sample

What is included in this test

Reproductive Hormones

FSH, LH, and testosterone are three hormones that play a role in the male reproductive system. FSH helps to regulate sperm production, LH helps to stimulate testosterone production, and testosterone is responsible for male characteristics such as muscle mass, bone density, and sex drive.

FSH LH Testosterone Free Androgen Index


Prolactin is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland, a small gland at the base of the brain. It plays a role in men's health and reproductive system. In men, prolactin levels are usually low. However, high prolactin levels can cause symptoms such as fatigue, erectile dysfunction, and decreased sex drive.


Binding proteins

SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) is a protein that binds to testosterone and other hormones. It helps to regulate the levels of these hormones in the blood.


The benefits of this blood test

  • Check male hormones
  • Treatment, health insights and support
  • Guidance to manage the symptoms
  • Lifestyle advice

Erectile Dysfunction

If you are experiencing persistent difficulties achieving or maintaining an erection, a male hormone blood test can help determine if low testosterone levels or other hormonal imbalances are contributing to the problem.

Decreased Sexual Desire

If you have a significant decrease in sexual desire or reduced interest in sexual activity, a hormone blood test can provide insights into your testosterone levels and identify potential hormonal causes.


Male hormone blood tests are often part of the evaluation for couples experiencing difficulty conceiving. Testosterone levels and other hormone markers can help assess reproductive function and identify potential factors affecting fertility.

Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalances

Certain symptoms, such as unexplained fatigue, mood changes, muscle weakness, or changes in body hair growth, may suggest underlying hormonal imbalances. A hormone blood test can help assess testosterone levels and other hormone markers to identify potential imbalances.

Monitoring Hormone Replacement Therapy

If you are undergoing testosterone replacement therapy or other forms of hormone therapy, periodic blood tests may be conducted to monitor hormone levels and ensure appropriate dosing.

Pubertal Development

In cases where there are concerns about delayed or abnormal pubertal development in adolescent males, hormonal tests can help assess hormone levels and determine if there are any underlying issues affecting sexual maturation.

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